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Hampton Roads Housing Inventory Nov 2021

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Closed Sales Hampton Roads VA November 2021

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Market Summary Hampton Roads


Coat Drive - Donate Today

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Halloween 2021

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Home Sales in Hampton Roads September 2021


Navigating Home Improvements Amid COVID

  • Get estimates on costs and timelines immediately. While your sellers may think they know what projects they’d like completed, getting actual quotes will help narrow down which projects are feasible within their desired timeline and budget. Remind them that “typical” timelines don’t apply amid the pandemic. While installers/repairmen may be available, it might be weeks—or even months—before the materials they need will be.
  • DIY… selectively. When selecting projects to enhance a home’s attractiveness, consider selecting ones that don’t require a professional or costly materials. Instead of updating a kitchen’s countertops and flooring, consider installing a DIY backsplash or adding a more appealing paint color. One word of caution: Leave the technical tasks (e.g., plumbing, electrical, roofing) to the professionals! A botched DIY project can be a major setback to your timeline AND budget.
  • Consider whether the improvement projects are necessary. Inform your clients that in the April 2021 Flash Survey by Virginia REALTORS® revealed that more than 75% of respondents said that buyers are willing to consider homes that need major upgrades or updating. Amid the current sellers’ market, your clients may have the opportunity to be more selective with their home improvement projects.

A Seamless Way to Remove Nails from Trim and Flooring


A Seamless Way to Remove Nails from Trim and Flooring


The problem: You can save some dough by using salvaged materials like trim and oak flooring. But before you can install or even safely store them, you have to pull out any old nails — without damaging the wood.

The fix: Although you might be tempted to whack the nail from the back with a hammer and then yank it, don’t. That can mar the surface. Instead, pull the nails out from the back, says Peter Fazio from the site Dadand.

Tool list:

  • Pliers
  • Work gloves
  • Drop cloth

How to:

  1. Put the trim or floorboard face down on a drop cloth to protect the front surface.
  2. Using your pliers, grab the nail and gently roll onto the curved part of the tool until the nail pops out.

If the old filler used to conceal the nail on the front side pops out, it’s easy to fix. Refill the hole with color-matched wood filler (it’ll work for composite trim, too). Scrape the top of the repair gently with a putty knife to remove excess filler — otherwise you’ll leave a noticeable bump.

If you can’t find color-matched filler, repair the hole and gently sand the area smooth. Spot paint to match.

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